The companies that make up the consortium represent a balanced partnership between transport operators, authorities and system integrators, who together bring extensive knowledge and expertise to address the different aspects of the project, from the study to the definition and deployment of the Proofs of Concept.

  • Amadeus IT Group SA

    The consortium is led by Amadeus, a major distributor of Air, Rail and other forms of ground and maritime transport and provider of IT solutions for the Air, Rail, Hotel and Airport industries.
  • BeNe Rail International NV

    A joint venture of NS and SNCB, delivering IT concepts and solutions in the area of distribution and inventory management for international passenger rail services.
  • International Air Transport Association

    The International Air Transport Association responsible for passenger service and freight data interchange standards within the global air industry and for the distribution of airline products and services.

    Thales is a key provider of ticket validation equipment linked to back-office fare collection, security, and inter-urban transport operator settlement functions, supporting significant national and city level smart ticketing schemes all over Europe.

    UNIFE directly represents in Europe around 60 of the largest and medium size companies in the railway supply industry.
  • Zeppelin University

    Zeppelin University is a state-recognized and privately funded endowment university bridging Business, Culture and Politics. They also host the Amadeus Institute for Mobility and Business Model Innovation.